‘90s Saturday Mornings are Coming to the Blockchain: Meet the First Cast

6 min readJun 29, 2022

A ‘90s TV time capsule has landed on the blockchain and is about to open up. 12 classic Nickelodeon characters — six from Hey Arnold! and six from Rugrats — are back in action, ready to entertain, and (almost) yours to collect on the Nickelodeon NFT Marketplace.

The Rugrats are back! Because babies gotta do what babies gotta do.

Oh baby, the original Rugrats are back with Nickelodeon NFTs Powered by RECUR. Collect the original cast of brilliant babies in different outfits, scenes, and more when the first Nickelodeon NFT drop goes live with whitelist access on July 18th and public access on July 19th. But for now, you can catch up with the cast for a pleasant Saturday morning flashback.

Tommy Pickles

The leader of our intrepid band of Rugrats is smart, brave, compassionate and articulate. He also happens to be one year old, which gives him an endlessly interesting perspective on life. Under the not very watchful eyes of the grown-ups, he leads his friends on expeditions to unravel the great mysteries of life — like, where does the light go when the refrigerator door is closed? To Tommy Pickles, the world doesn’t always make sense, but it makes an incredible amusement park.

Angelica Pickles

A three-year-old tyrant in training, Tommy’s cousin Angelica has the advantage of being able to talk both to grown-ups and to the babies. She manipulates her parents, shows off for strangers and mercilessly bullies Tommy’s friends. When she comes over, the Rugrats run for cover as they know she will terrorize them with “true” stories from her imagination and force them to sit through her off-key, lyrically mangled musical numbers.Beneath her cold, hard exterior beats the heart of a true spoiled brat. But however cleverly devilish her schemes, somehow Angelica always seems to get what she deserves.

Chuckie Finster

Tommy’s best friend is a lovable two-year-old scaredy-cat who sees monsters in every closet and the black cloud within every silver lining. The gang’s adventurous schemes often leave Chuckie trembling. But since he hates being left behind, he grudgingly trudges along. And in the process, Chuckie often surprises himself with the courage he summons up. Chuckie suffers from poor sinus drainage and is terrified of clowns and the man on the oatmeal box.

Phil Deville & Lil Deville

Fifteen-month-old twins Phil and Lil DeVille live next door to Tommy Pickles. They think alike, act alike, and even finish each other’s sentences. They are loyal followers of Tommy’s and joyfully participate in every Rugrats adventure — the messier and scarier, the better! They especially like mudpies, bugs, and moldy things from under sofas and beds. Phil and Lil are as close as siblings can be.

Susie Carmichael

Tommy and the Rugrats look up to their friend Susie Carmichael, who possesses the kind of wisdom you can only get from experience. After all, she’s three. Susie is the child of an overachieving mother (French chef, airline pilot and doctor) and a cartoon-writing dad (of the famous “Dummi Bears” series). Susie is energetic, optimistic and quick to offer friendly advice and reassurance to a distressed Rugrat. Susie stands up for what’s right — which often puts her right in Angelica’s way.

Collect the full Rugrats crew in our Nickelodeon NFT drop! And you know the crew wouldn’t be complete without the one and only Reptar. While he isn’t on the official roster, we’d be remiss not to mention that he’ll have a few surprise guest appearances throughout the collection. 👀

Hey, it’s Hey Arnold! Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Uh oh. It looks like six students from P.S. 118 are playing hooky… Wanna join them? Arnold, Helga, Gerald, Phoebe, Harold, and Rhonda are hitting the blockchain and living forever young. Collect the group before they find another boarding house to call their own.

Arnold Shortman

Arnold Shortman is a kind, optimistic 10-year-old with an iconic football-shaped head. He’s the kind of guy who always goes out of his way to help those in need and stand up for what he thinks is right. As the calm center of the craziness around him, level-headed Arnold has a gift for giving advice or helping others overcome an obstacle. When he makes a mistake, he feels obligated to fix it. He may not have much power in the world at large, but that doesn’t stop him from taking risks, righting wrongs and solving problems. His sensitive, artistic and imaginative nature makes for some highly creative solutions. You never know how Arnold will get out of messes — you just know that he will.

Helga G. Pataki

Tomboy Helga G. Pataki is the class bully who has a soft spot for Arnold (though she’d never let him know it). She’s even created a closet shrine for her crush. Helga loves being in charge and is known to be sarcastic, cynical, tough, and bossy. She constantly bullies her classmates, usually by mocking them, calling them nicknames or threatening them with “Old Betsy” to get her way. While she’s a tough girl in school, she has a much softer side when she’s alone or doing schoolwork. Helga has a gift for poetry, especially about Arnold, and has many notebooks filled with poems about him.

Gerald Johanssen

As Arnold’s best friend and right-hand man, Gerald Johanssen is the perfect co-captain for their adventures. He’s cool, athletic, knowledgeable, and street smart. Easygoing and friendly, Gerald is often the voice of reason–the perfect counterbalance to Arnold’s optimism. He loves telling stories, especially urban legends, and always appears to be in the know on Hillwood and its residents. A natural athlete, Gerald’s favorite sport is basketball, but he loves playing baseball with Arnold and their friends.

Phoebe Heyerdahl

Intelligent, sensitive and shy, Phoebe Heyerdahl is Helga’s best friend (and possibly her only friend). Helga will often take advantage of Phoebe, treating her like a personal assistant or yelling or insulting her. Despite that, Phoebe is one of the only people who actually likes Helga. Trustworthy Phoebe can keep a secret safe including knowing that Helga is in love with Arnold.

Harold Berman

Harold may look big and intimidating, but his bark is worse than his bite. He can be immature and obnoxious, but at his core, Harold is cowardly and a bit insecure. He’s a bit of a crybaby and is easily frightened or upset.

Rhonda Wellington Lloyd

Rhonda Wellington Lloyd is one of Arnold’s classmates. She is a rich, pompous, self-proclaimed fashion queen and is one of the most popular students at P.S. 118. The only time this fashionista isn’t concerned about how she looks is when she’s dominating on the field. She’s a phenomenal athlete, practicing numerous contact sports, like baseball and football.

Are you ready to start a competition of your own to collect all these Nickelodeon NFTs? We sure are! Get ready for the drop coming soon and stay tooned for what’s to come.




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