Buy, Collect, & Trade RECUR Sealed Products

Unopened Packs, Cases, and more will soon be tradeable on the RECUR Platform

2 min readApr 8, 2022

Whether you’re a dedicated fan, an experienced collector, or a casual card-breaker, we can all agree that when you get a sealed collectible, you’re acquiring more than the contents of the package. With RECUR Sealed Products (Packs, Cases, and more), you have the opportunity to experience the sensation of breaking the seal of a unique digital item and discovering what type of collectibles are tucked inside.

We are excited to officially announce that in the weeks to come, Sealed Product trading is coming to the RECUR Platform. As this new feature is in active development, we wanted to walk you through why it is so important to the overall collectible experience and is such an exciting addition to the RECUR Platform.

Sealed Products are NFTs that function as unique mint condition casings, on the blockchain

All Sealed Products from RECUR are minted on-chain and function as mint condition boxes holding the coveted collectibles inside.

Fans can choose whether or not to open their Sealed Products.

If you are a fan of diamond-handing Sealed Products, then hold onto your Packs and Cases and demonstrate your dedication to mint condition collecting by holding unopened items in their original casing.

You can look forward to the ability to sell your Sealed Products first with Packs on NFTU, and on other RECUR Brand Experiences soon after.

We all know the excitement of tearing open a first edition pack of trading cards, an action figure never removed from its box, or a mint edition comic tucked neatly into a sleeve. With this upcoming feature, collectors of Sealed Products from RECUR can share in this feeling.

What’s in the Pack?!

Well… it’s a surprise. We hope you will enjoy finding out.




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