💩 diaries and emoji™ Forever: the first drop details

wazzup 🌎

oh 💩 — are you ready for my debut drop? you’re gonna need a bigger 🚽 than what you got to hold all of me.

i know you know, i’m a real piece of 💩, but we’re pretty much frens now so i’ll let you in on what I’ve been stinking about lately.

i been doin some exploring and saw some cool 💩on the road and learned that 💩 heads get freakin hyped for friday…that’s my vibe 👶!

i did wut all gud 💩 heads do last friday n had a lil too much fun wit sum of the RECUR pass holders. tl;dr: i woke up in some strange place n it was all kinda blurry, but that’s a whole other thing. peep my tweets on that crazy story @nftsareshitty.

back 2 my pass holder frenz…

so im out here on twitter makin all these frens n i start to 🤔, these peeps so tight…how can i show them sum ❤️ for bringin me into da mix? so hear me out — i got this dope idea 4 the first drop…

wut if i do sumthin special 4 all those RECUR believers? we already tweet n hang in discord n all that..y not give them all a piece of me? so i talk to the rest of my 💩crew n we all agree…we’re bringin the 💩 to our favorite peeps — our RECUR Pass Holders..heres the first drop deets:

  • iss goin down september 22, 2022 at 1pm ET / 10am PT ✔︎
  • 2,222 emoji™ Forever PFPs incoming ✔︎
  • 2,200 algo-generated poos ✔︎
  • 22 bespoke poos ✔︎

u already know we’ll save some of these bad boys for a lil community building and marketing. ill b givin out 100 of the 2,222 💩 to be exact.

and now 4 da new 💩news…

  • no allowlist…no 🧢
  • no public sale🪟
  • RECUR Pass Holder exclusive sale
  • all first come, first serve
  • 1 NFT per transaction/account
  • get ur RECUR pass here — all RECUR passes qualify

can’t wait to share the 💩 wit all my RECUR Pass Holders and celebrate in discord.

’til next time!

-barry d



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