Get ready to welcome your new Care Bears™ Forever friends

Get ready for the drop!

There will be a total of 5,000 Care Chests. Each Care Chest will hold one Care Bear. 4,850 Care Chests will be available to purchase through the various sale phases and 150 will be set aside for marketing, community, and other uses. Care Chests will be priced at $50.

  1. RECUR Pass Holder Sale: October 6th 10am PT / 1pm ET
  2. Public Sale: October 6th 11am PT / 2pm ET

RECUR Pass and Care Bears Holders, you’re up first! 🤗

3,100 of the 4,850 Care Chests in the first drop are reserved for Pass and Care Bears holders. These 3,100 chests will be available during the first two phases of the first drop.

How do I qualify for the allowlist? 👀

There are two ways to make it on the Care Bears Forever allowlist! You’ll receive one allowlist code for each eligible RECUR Pass you hold and one allowlist code for holding one of each of the eight Care Bears from the first drop during the snapshot.

  1. One of each of the following Care Bears: Good Luck Bear™, Bedtime Bear™, Friend Bear™, Tenderheart Bear™, Cheer Bear™, Warm Fuzzies Bear™, Hello Fren Bear™, and Self Care Bear™
  2. One of the Care Bears NFTs from the OpenSea auction on August 2, 2022
  3. Completed all 3 Care Bears Challenges thus far and still hold the corresponding Care Bears

All RECUR Pass Holders are up next 🙌

If you don’t qualify for the Care Bears Forever allowlist, you still have time! If you hold any RECUR Pass in your collection or a linked wallet on October 6th, you can participate in the one-hour Pass Holder sale before the public sale begins.

With our new Care Bears, WAGMI 🧸

At least 1,750 Care Chests will be reserved for the Public Sale. Plus, if there are any remaining chests from the earlier sales, those will also be available for the public to purchase.



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