Identity Verification: Now Faster, Easier, and More Transparent

3 min readSep 29, 2022

Be proactive in verifying your identity to keep your account safe and access additional features on RECUR.

Verifying your identity has long been a complicated and confusing process in Web3.

It often leaves users questioning whether it’s worth it. Why do they need to give so much information at once? How does it take so long to get approved? What can they do to be more proactive to make sure they aren’t blocked from certain features?

At RECUR, we’ve always known there’s an easier way. Verifying your identity on RECUR takes seconds to minutes instead of hours to days. We don’t ask for your social security number to simply purchase an NFT.

Sounds like a no brainer, right? Surprisingly, it’s not — unless you’re on RECUR.

And now, we’ve taken the next step to make it even easier and more transparent for you. Starting today, you can control how and when you verify your identity. Verification helps to keep your account safe and allows you access more features, like higher transaction volumes and easier withdrawals of funds or NFTs.

If you have a RECUR account and have not yet completed identity verification, you can head over to your account settings to do so whenever you’re ready. That way, your next purchase, withdrawal, or drop experience is as seamless as possible. Plus, once you start the process, you can see where you are each step of the way from starting out until you’re fully verified.

So, how do you verify?

Start by logging in to your RECUR account from any Powered by RECUR experience. Then, click your avatar in the upper right of the screen, followed by account settings. Once you’re on your settings page, click the verification tab.

In your verification tab, select the upgrade to level 2 button and begin the verification process following the instructions on your screen.

Once you’ve submitted your information, you’ll see that your level 2 verification is pending.

If it’s successful, you’ll see your account update to reflect that you are now fully verified.

If your verification attempt is unsuccessful, you’ll see a note in your verification tab and will be able to try again using the same process.

For more tips on how (and why!) to verify your account, check out our help center article here.




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