Introducing the NFTU Draft Class

2 min readJun 9, 2022

Over the last few months, NFTU has enabled athletes, photographers, and everyone involved to be rewarded for their work which is now preserved on the blockchain. But just as every sports season must end, our very first season of collegiate basketball on NFTU will come to a close on June 22nd.

Before we put the equipment away and close up the stadium, we’ve got one more order of business to tend to.

As we look forward, we want to recognize and celebrate our current and past players for their great achievements and the future opportunities that await. It’s every hooper’s dream to play in ‘The Association’ someday. For the select few who are able to make the jump, their dream becomes a reality every June.

In this spirit, we’re excited to present a limited-time NFTU event, Draft Day.

Draft Day is a limited-run collection featuring some of the biggest names from NFTU’s Tip Off series. These athletes managed to be taken in the first round and go off on record-breaking careers as bonafide professionals and potentially All Stars.

Draft Day Drop Details

  • Cade Cunningham — Ultra Rare; 75 edition size
  • Walker Kessler — Rare; 300 edition size
  • Ja Morant — Rare; 300 edition size
  • Paul George — Premium; 650 edition size
  • Blake Griffin — Premium; 650 edition size
  • Paul Pierce — Premium; 650 edition size

This NFTU Draft Day series is brand new. It features former #1 picks, key first-round selections, and culminates with multi-award winner Auburn’s Walker Kessler who looks to have his name called at the June 23rd draft.

On June 23rd, the limited-edition Case drop will begin. Cases will be $30 each and will feature two collectibles inside. Most Cases will contain two Premium NFTs but with our new mixed rarity feature, one of the two NFTs in your Case could be a Rare or Ultra Rare NFT.

Two all-new Challenges are coming to NFTU on Draft Day. To compete, you’ll need to scoop Draft Day Cases before they’re gone. You’ll then be able to combine them with players from the inaugural Tip-Off season for Rare and Ultra Rare rewards.

Cases are limited and the buzzer will be here before you know it. Join RECUR, your friends, and fellow fans in celebrating this milestone for all current and former draftees. Let’s welcome our latest class into Draft Day!

If you made it this far, here’s a quick tip; as we head into the summer, participation in NFTU events may qualify fans for special Snapshot Challenges so keep your eyes peeled, keep collecting, and feel the burn!




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