Introducing three new best friends for you to collect. 🥁 Now meet the Metaverse Care Bears™ ✨ 🐻

4 min readSep 8, 2022

Who doesn’t love new frens?

Care Bears Forever is a new Care Bears experience designed to last a lifetime. Passionate fans, collectors, and anyone new to the Care Bears universe are all encouraged to join the fun and collect a Care Bears Forever NFT.

Six classic Care Bears were dropped in a batch of 5,000 1:1 unique NFTs and over the course of the past few weeks, hundreds of fans stirred the excitement by sharing their Care Bear in return for a mysterious reward, Mystery Chests! What marvelous treasures were tucked away in these mysterious chests…?

Three brand new and officially licensed Care Bears!

Stop, stare, and prepare to care! Meet the newest Care Bears, ready for collecting 🤩

Hello Fren Bear™

Bored? Maybe a little lonely? Need someone to just say hello?

Meet your newest online BESTIE and make sure you add him to your buddy list! Hello Fren Bear is all about making life-long frens online and around the world. This bear doesn’t restrict himself to borders or time zones. He loves chatting all day and all night — greeting people online and expressing himself in every way possible. See the three hearts wrapped in a speech bubble on his belly badge? That’s his way of always being ready to say “Hello Fren” to the next Care Bear, or person, he meets.

Self Care Bear™

Loving yourself might sound simple, but it isn’t always easy. Today’s world is filled to the brim with distractions and obstacles. In fact, we’re all so distracted that sometimes we forget that we all deserve self-care.

Self Care Bear reminds us to do exactly that. Self Care Bear wants you to know you’re perfect just the way you are and that you deserve to share, love, and think about yourself. His belly badge is a peace sign in a flower, because this Care Bear is all about finding the peace within and sharing it with friends!

Warm Fuzzies Bear™

Have you ever felt a strange sensation when you hear someone say something really kind and genuine?

That’s the “warm fuzzies” tickling your heart! Strange, delightful, and oddly satisfying, am I right? It’s the feeling you get when you’re thinking about a loved one, sharing a moment with them, or remembering them when they’re far away. Warm Fuzzies Bear naturally emits the sensation of the warm fuzzies and her belly badge of a cloud hugging a heart with three flowers surrounding it is just how the warm fuzzies feel!

Thank you for sharing your Care Bears! 🤗

Inviting the Care Bears into the metaverse was our pleasure, but the real excitement has been watching our community dare to share classic Care Bears from the first set, to complete the challenges concealing the exciting brand new Care Bears creations!

It’s official now! The first three challenges are complete and a few new friends are officially ready to hug, hang out, and be collected. It took a lot of sharing to make it this far but our generous community banded together to reveal three brand new Care Bears!

We’re so grateful that you were part of this super special experience introducing brand new Care Bears to the world, each with their own unique message of love and positivity.

The fun’s not over yet, though. Bear or bull market aside, the Care Bears Market has more fun on the way!

With your brand new Care Bears revealed, show them off on Twitter and stay in touch with us to learn more about what’s next! There’s more love trying to find its way into the metaverse and a few more surprises still waiting to be unlocked.




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