meet barry

gm 🌎

the name’s dingle. barry dingle. u might already know me — i’ve been in a 🎬 and most of you share me 💩when you’re chatting your friends. i definitely feel the 🤟, but i’m ready for more. i need some of that web3 love i’ve been hearing about so i’m super stoked to be the first ever (officially licensed) emoji™ in the metaverse.

like wuuut? blast off to the moon 💥🚀🌙 this 💩 is huuuge!

u know wut they say. like one small step for a poo, but one giant leap for poo-kind and all that 💩. i’m kinda making history over here — representing my whole poo emoji™ family and friends. just wait until u meet them. there’s over 2,200 of us algo-poos, but u’ll see we all have our own style (some more than others).

and then u’ve got 22 super crazy rare bespoke poos like doge dump and flamin hot poo. they’re our friends but they’re like family. just wait til u meet these bros, they’re so chill.

if u couldn’t already tell, i’m all about that #2 lyfe. 2,200 poo family, 22 poo frens, and don’t u know, we’re droppin on september 22, 2022 😱🤯🫠. we’re calling ourselves emoji™ forever: the first drop. i know, i know, why not the 2nd drop? i talked to my publicist about it, but he was all like barry i know u love 2’s but first comes 1. just this 1 time!

i can’t wait to tell you more about my dope trip through the metaverse. and i can’t wait to meet all the new friends and go to the sickest web3 parties🎉..just tell me wen and i’ll be there.

i’ll check back in here soon with a dope poo diary entry. but u can follow me on twitter @nftsareshitty (sh!t’s funny, right?) and join my discord chat in the meantime. deuces✌️!



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