NFTU Collection Scores Are Almost Here

2 min readAug 12, 2022


Plus, a new serial swap challenge is starting soon to help you prepare to boost your Collection Score.

We are excited to officially announce the launch of Collection Scores and the Serial Swap Challenge!

What is the Collection Score?

The Collection Score, launching before the upcoming NFTU college football season, is a point-based system where collectors accrue points based on what they collect. Points can come from player or memorabilia NFTs and from past or future seasons.

Points are determined by NFT rarity, serial number, and other factors such as the player’s jersey number matching the NFT’s serial number. Bonus points for special serials like #0, anyone?

If you own duplicate NFTs, points can be accrued for a maximum of four NFTs of the same player and rarity combination. Your full point value will only be applied to the NFT with the lowest serial number out of the four, and the remaining three will still earn points but at a reduced rate.

Here are the initial point value ranges per rarity:

  • Common: 17–53 points
  • Premium: 35–145 points
  • Rare: 69–375 points
  • Ultra Rare: 139–1001 points

*Point values are subject to change to ensure fairness and balance.

What is the Serial Swap Challenge?

To give you a head start on boosting your Collection Score, we are opening a Serial Swap Challenge on Wednesday, August 17th.

The upcoming challenge is an opportunity for owners of NFTU collectibles from the Tip Off season to strategically upgrade their collections in preparation for Collection Scores.

To participate in the challenge, you must trade in two NFTs. In return, you will receive one NFT with a guaranteed serial number between #0 — #99 of the same rarity type. High serials out, low serial in!

Here are some examples of Serial Swap Challenge rewards available:

  • Jersey serial match for NFTU fan favorite Spencer Dinwiddie
  • #0 Premium mints for: Armando Bacot (Layup — UNC), Bradley Beal (Jumpshot — Florida), Drew Timme (Portrait — Gonzaga)
  • Jrue Holiday #21 Common Jersey Match (Layup — UCLA)
  • #1 Premium mint of Men’s Basketball World Cup Qualifying Team member McKinley Wright IV video moment (Flashback — Colorado)
  • Spencer Dinwiddie #25 Common Jersey Match (Portrait — Colorado)

Good luck! We hope you have fun stacking those low mint numbers before the next season begins.




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