RECUR Announces NFTU Launch and Major LEARFIELD Strategic Partnership

2 min readFeb 28, 2022

We’re weeks away from launching one of the most ambitious NFT projects to date, NFTU, our portal for college sports fanatics and brands to create, own, and share their most cherished moments.

But that’s not all: the launch of NFTU is accompanied by today’s announcement of an unprecedented multi-year partnership with LEARFIELD to bring NFTs to the entire college sports community.

Partners are the Fuel for a Fragmented Space

Creating NFTU is not as easy as it may seem in pro sports. In pro sports, the NFT partner simply needs to do a deal with the league and the players association, and they have all the IP & player rights to create NFTs. In college, there are over a dozen major players, plus a long list of individual colleges, each that needs to participate together.

The LEARFIELD deal is the capstone to a process where we’ve secured partnerships with nearly ALL of the major players across the college athletics world, all to ensure our experiences are the most engaging and authentic for the fans. We’ve partnered with:

  • Over 50 schools, including D1 favorites UCLA, Gonzaga, KU, UNC, and more
  • Over 135 athletes, including past and present stars like Ja Morant, Carmelo Anthony, Drew Timme, NaLyssa Smith, and more
  • Licensing giants in college athletics, like LEARFIELD and its subsidiaries CLC, Paciolan, and Sidearm!
  • Athlete agencies like Excel Sports Management, CAA, Compass, Brandr, and Wasserman
  • Leading game footage provider Veritone, providing exclusive game rights for the Pac-12
  • Collegiate licensing organization ICLA to teach schools and athletes how NFTs can work for them

This rich ecosystem is made up of the best-in-class partners from their fields — from crypto experts to licensing pros all the way to the athletes. This expertise is what guides us to develop experiences that are true to the community.

Though NFTU is the largest collegiate sports NFT destination, we’ve only begun.

Prepare for takeoff.

Own the Rush. 🚀🚀🚀

– The RECUR team




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