NFTU Pass Holder Reward Drop Details!

2 min readMar 26, 2022

We are thrilled to announce the NFTU Pass Holder Reward Drop!

All RECUR Pass Holders who participate on by making a purchase in either the primary or secondary market by April 12th will receive an NFTU Case reward.

A snapshot will be taken of accounts holding RECUR Passes on April 12th. At the end of April, NFTU Cases will be distributed to qualifying Pass Holders based on the “Color Set” attributes of the Passes you held at the times of the snapshot.

Here is some important information about the NFTU Pass Holder Reward drop:

What? You will receive one NFTU Case for each RECUR pass in your account, based on the rarity of your RECUR pass. The rarer the RECUR Pass in your account, the rarer the reward will be:

  • Each Pass with a “Color Set” attribute of “Mixed” or “Prismatic” will receive 1 Common NFTU Case
  • Each Pass with a “Color Set” attribute of “Trichrome” will receive 1 Premium NFTU Case
  • Each Pass with a “Color Set” attribute of “Dichrome” will receive 1 Rare NFTU Case
  • Each Pass with a “Color Set” attribute of “Monochrome” will receive 1 Ultra Rare NFTU Case

Example: If there are 1 Dichrome and 2 Trichromes in your RECUR account, you will receive 1 Rare NFTU Case and 2 Premium NFTU Cases.

How? To receive the NFTU Pass Holder reward, Pass Holders must have participated by purchasing at least one NFTU Case or an individual NFT on the NFTU Marketplace before the Pass Holder snapshot is taken on April 12th.

When? On April 12th, we will take a snapshot of each RECUR Pass Holder’s account and filter the snapshot based on each RECUR Pass’s “Color Set”. We will then reward NFTU Cases to qualifying Pass Holders at the end of April. A specific time for the RECUR Pass Holder account snapshot will be provided in the coming days.

● Before the reward drop date, we will require users to Opt-In for Rewards. You must opt-in for rewards in order to receive the reward at the end of April. We will be sharing more details about NFTU Pass Holder rewards and the process to Opt-In for Rewards via email and on Discord soon.

**NFTU Pass Holder Rewards are subject to RECUR’s Terms of Service. NFTU Cases are available while supplies last. Please note that Pass Holders who fail to Opt-In for Rewards prior to the forthcoming opt-in deadline will not receive the reward.




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