Nickelodeon NFTs sold out. And oh splat, there’s more.

3 min readJul 19, 2022


Well that was wild. We’re so thankful for the incredible support from this community!

Who did you scoop? Tommy? Angelica? Arnold? Or maybe you got the one and only strawberry Gerald?

Step one: join the RECUR Discord and show off to fellow collectors. We’re sold out but the secondary marketplace is where the afterparty kicks off.

This is just the beginning though. Now that the first Nickelodeon NFT drop is done, the Splat Factory is ready to go full spin.

Are you ready for Slime, Mashups, and a teaser of what else is joining RECUR after the Rugrats and Hey Arnold! characters settle into their new collections?

Yeah, we thought so.

First up, it’s time to Slime. 🟢⏰

If you’ve been following along, then you already know that Nickelodeon NFTs come equipped with what’s called a Slime Score, this will be important to know if you’re looking to participate in Challenges.

Your Slime Score is the number of Slime you can collect if you trade in your character NFT. But keep in mind that Slime is permanent. If you do redeem a character for their Slime Score, they’ll be slimed and removed from the collection completely.

Your chance to exchange characters for Slime is starting July 26th and like everything else, Slime is non-fungible and limited in quantity. Don’t hesitate, Slime. Because if you’re too slow, a determined collector might beat you to what’s left and you don’t want to miss what comes next.

The Splat Factory is open for business! 🏭

Slime that players have collected can be used at the Splat Factory to cook up never before seen and super rare Nickelodeon Mashups! You’ll need to trade in ten Slime to collect a Mashup so get the slime buckets ready.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if Helga and Tommy or Harold and Angelica were mashed together? The results are undeniably exciting, for better or for worse. We promise when you see a few of these Mashups, you won’t be able to look away.

Just a quick reminder for you Football Heads out there, Slime is limited. It’s a rare element after all. And that means… *drum roll*, you guessed it! Character Mashups that Slime help fuel the creation of are even more rare to earn and collect!

So after checking your Slime Score and seeing what you’re holding, you might be surprised how much Slime you’re hoarding. On July 29th, get ready to turn that Slime into Mashups.

All that and details on a second drop?! 😬

Not yet, but it’s coming. Or is it? 😅

The Splat Factory nearly ran out of Slime helping bring this first drop to life. But if you help us refill it, you’ll earn some extraordinary odd creations to own, cherish, and trade forever.

And if you stay tuned in our Discord and on our Twitter, we promise to keep you posted on what’s coming out of the ’90s time capsule next.

Extra, extra! Special news incoming from RECUR! 📰

WAGMI baby! 🤗

Since you’ve been so patient with us and made it all the way to the bottom of our latest post, we thought we’d share another reason to care about what’s coming next…

The Care Bears are coming to metaverse with brand new style, experiences, and maybe even a few new friends. 😉

No point in spoiling all the fun though. There’s plenty more exciting announcements to come this summer and we’re preparing to share soon™️.




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