Ready, set, share your Care Bear™!

Care, share, and earn Mystery Chests! 🎁

In the world of Care Bears, sharing is caring. To celebrate the act of sharing, we’re introducing a new type of community challenge for our collectors to share together. 🤗

Something mysterious is in store for those who share.

Is there such a thing as too much sharing? 🌈

Of course not! Share as many Care Bears as you like! As long as they’re one of the Care Bears NFTs from the official drop, your Care Bears will be ready to help fill the Sharing Meter and continue unlocking the next stages of the extra special Care Bears Forever NFT experience.

Enough with the mysteries and surprises, give us a hint! 😏

Each challenge will have a mystery theme, so each reward’s characteristics will be on theme for its respective challenge. In other words, if you’re prone to fomo, you might want to collect rewards from each challenge. 😉

Sharing is caring — Contribute and help the Care Bears unlock the Mystery Chests!

How can I share my Care Bear? 🧸

Calling RECUR Pass Holders 📣

When does it all go down? 📅

Challenge #1 — August 15th: Exclusive to fans who have collected Care Badges

Will you dare to share? 😏

Let us know on Discord or Twitter.



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