Recap of Slime: Live on Prime Time

5 min readJul 27, 2022


In less than two hours all 5,000 Slime available to claim were scooped by the community. 🤯 Wow! You all must really love the color green…

The miraculous substance known as Slime is now out in the wild. Some are hoarding it for themselves. And others have already taken it to the market to sell to those who missed out. Can anyone say 📃🤲? 🙄

Where did the Slime come from?

Slime NFTs are earned by well… sliming your Nickelodeon PFPs.

Each Nickelodeon PFP came equipped with a Slime Score, this was a number of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 10. This was the exact number of Slime NFTs a character could be exchanged for. And now that the reserve of 5,000 Slime is empty, a lot Nickelodeon characters are sadly gone as well 😥.

But hey, doesn’t that make the existing characters more rare?! 🤔

Let’s take a look at who’s still around.

First up, Rhonda Wellington Lloyd! The community Slimed the most popular classmate at PS 118 heavily. Buckets of Slime were redeemed and now only 75% of the original Rhonda NFTs remain!

Next, Phoebe Heryerdahl. Much like Rhonda, Phoebe was traded in for fierce amounts of Slime. There are 76% of the original Phoebe NFTs around, only a smidgen more than Rhonda.

Another Hey Arnold! character took 3rd. Harold Berman joins Phoebe with only 76% of his original count remaining.

The beloved Helga Patacki was naturally slimed a little less than her counterparts, but only 77% of Helga NFTs remain.

Finally a few Rugrats saw their time to Slime arrive with Phil DeVille, Susie Carmichael, and Lil DeVille all taking the next 3 Slime spots. Phil and Susie are tied with 78% remaining and Lil is shortly behind with 79%.

Gerald Johanssen was the last prime Slime candidate. A total of 21% of Gerald’s are now reduced to goo with only 79% left to collect.

Angelica, Arnold, Tommy, and Chuckie all have 85% or more of their characters remaining. We get it. These are some of the most beloved and memorable characters out there. I mean, how could you Slime Angelica?

Do you really wanna risk upsetting the best brat around?

Show me the numbers! 📊

To add some context to the percentages, here is the FINAL tally of the amount of each Nickelodeon characters available to collect.

There’s less than 800 of each character left across the board. 😲

And Rhonda, Phoebe, Harold, and Helga just got a lot more scarce! 🫢

Just a reminder, these characters were limited edition from the first Nickelodeon NFT drop. They will not be coming back from the Splat Factory. So if you see any of the top four or five above available on the Marketplace, maybe give it a second glance before it’s gone.

It’s no surprise there are still 762 Chuckie NFTs left though. Nerds unite! 🤓

Which Scores were Slimed the most?

Now that we know who’s who and who’s left, let’s take a look at which Slime Scores were the most popular to exchange.

Overwhelmingly, folks chose to swap Slime Scores of 2 & 3. This might have something to do with 2 + 3 = 5 and 10 being the magic Mashup number.

A couple 3’s and 2’s quickly add up to 10. It’s almost like we planned the Slime Scores for some sort of a… challenge?

91 characters with a Slime Score of 5 were swapped. And 68 characters with a Slime Score of 10 are gone.

Exchanging characters with higher Slime Scores helps keep more of the original NFTs at large. But considering some of the animations and unique characteristics of these characters, we’re surprised so many were exchanged.

In total 1,874 Nickelodeon characters were slimed 👏. Bravo folks, you really went after it.

Who’s holding what?

We’re not here to name names, but we’ve got some statistics to help demystify the market a bit.

550 unique accounts slimed their characters. There are 295 unique accounts with 10 or more Slime NFTs in their possession.

And there is one known Slime whale still at large. They brought home 93 Slime. That’s 7 less than you’d need to score 10 Mashups, but we’re sure you’re already counting 😉.

You’re gonna wish you had Slime during Mashup time…

In case you forgot, the games have only begun on the Nickelodeon NFT experience, Powered by RECUR.

There are 5,000 Slime in the wild and it will require 10 Slime to claim your Mashup. That means only 500 Mashups will make it out of the Splat Factory and that’s entirely dependent on our community to collect and combine Slime to make the Mashups happen.

You have the ingredients, now make sure you come back to the Splat Factory on July 29th at 12pm ET to create original Mashups!

Hit the marketplace to scoop Slime if you missed your opportunity to exchange and keep your eyes peeled for any of the remaining characters with dwindling inventory.

Happy mashing friends! 🧪




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