Recap of Slime: Live on Prime Time

Where did the Slime come from?

Slime NFTs are earned by well… sliming your Nickelodeon PFPs.

Let’s take a look at who’s still around.

Show me the numbers! 📊

To add some context to the percentages, here is the FINAL tally of the amount of each Nickelodeon characters available to collect.

Which Scores were Slimed the most?

Now that we know who’s who and who’s left, let’s take a look at which Slime Scores were the most popular to exchange.

Who’s holding what?

We’re not here to name names, but we’ve got some statistics to help demystify the market a bit.

You’re gonna wish you had Slime during Mashup time…

In case you forgot, the games have only begun on the Nickelodeon NFT experience, Powered by RECUR.



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