Recapping our AMA with RECUR Creative Director, Casey Hupke

2 min readJul 1, 2022


Our very own Creative Director, Casey Hupke, has been working across film, television, and live events for nearly 20 years. His focus at RECUR spans across the Paramount suite of IPs where he and his team are working hard to develop the most authentic experiences for each brand. He’s a legacy degen with crypto roots reaching back to 2013.

Casey joined us in Discord yesterday to give us a peek behind the scenes about what went into developing the Rugrats and Hey Arnold! PFPs and a bit of what may be coming up next.

Here’s a preview of what he shared:

  • Some PFPs will have rare animated traits with special visual effects
  • We’ll see new moments like Helga without her bow or Arnold without his hat
  • PFPs will have Slime scores, similar to a rarity score, which will be important for gamification 👀
  • Casey and his team had considerable creative freedom and were able to innovate with the artwork
  • Accidents can happen in factories and worlds may collide…? 💥

As a reminder, you can find all Nickelodeon NFT information in our blog posts:

For the full rundown of everything Casey had to say, check out the AMA below.




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