RECUR’s Portal to the Metaverse

When we started RECUR, it became clear to us that NFTs would not only be the gateway to the metaverse but also to the greater crypto ecosystem. To date, crypto has been so complex. How do you create a wallet? How do I buy my first BTC or ETH? How do I yield farm? Wen moon?

BUT buying a collectible NFT from a brand you know and love, so you can be part of your community? That’s easy to understand. And because we make purchasing your NFTs seamless with credit cards or crypto, it’s as easy as any online shopping transaction. This is how RECUR will onboard one billion people.

We’ve partnered with the most iconic IP in the world. They’re the biggest names in film, TV, sports and pop culture — brands that have cultivated some of the most thriving passionate communities of superfans in the world. We are eager to welcome these fans to the NFT community, and provide them with the best, most frictionless experience.

The portal to the metaverse is opening in the next ~30 days.

Zach and Trevor


We design & develop on-chain branded experiences for fans to buy, collect, and re-sell NFTs.