Rugrats and Hey Arnold! are almost ready to collect, trade, and slime 🧡 💚

Nickelodeon NFTs 🙌

Let’s draw this out ✍️

Collecting Tip:

7/12 RECUR Pass Holder Snapshot

  • Property Tag: Prime, Three of a Kind, Palindrome, Full House, Four of a Kind, Square, Cube, Fibonacci, or Perfect
  • Color Set: Monochrome , Dichrome, or Trichrome
  • Longest Sequence: 2, 3, 4, or 5

7/18 Nickelodeon Whitelist Sale

7/19 Early Access and Public Sale

What’s in a pack?

Are you ready for Slime? 🧪

Collecting Tip:

Mix and Mash(up)

Collecting Tip:



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