Star Trek™ Continuum — A new mission begins

Everything you need to know to ready your Starships for the upcoming Star Trek™ Continuum Starship Exchange

First things first: thank you.

We appreciate how patient you all have been and the input you’ve provided to help make this next step in the Star Trek™ Continuum possible. You all have truly been the Spock to our Captain Kirk.

Our mission began back in May when we decided to cap the number of Star Trek™ Continuum Starships at 10,000 and permanently burn the excess. Our systems calculated that 8,881 Starships were in circulation with 1,119 needing to be introduced into the ecosystem. But that begged the question: how would those remaining 1,119 be best utilized.

So we put it to a vote.

The community pronounced a resounding ‘One for Two’ Starship exchange, where Constitution and Constitution Refit Starship holders could decommission their Starship for two from the remaining four classes: Miranda, Oberth, Soyuz, and Class III.

And that, Captain, brings us to today: the initiation of the Starship Exchange.

When will the Star Trek™ Continuum Starship Exchange happen?

To ensure you have enough time to contemplate this fleet altering decision, the Starship Exchange will begin on September 27th.

In this upcoming mission, owners of eligible Star Trek™ Continuum Starships have the chance to strategically upgrade their fleets in preparation for the upcoming gameplay.

While the fate of how you embark on future missions in Star Trek™ Continuum rests in your hands, we trust that you will make the best decision for your fleet and future crew members.

How do I decommission my Constitution or Constitution Refit Starship and what happens next?

To enter this mission, you must be a Constitution or Constitution Refit holder. You will then be able to trade your Starship to receive two new Fleet Cases, each with an even chance of containing a Class III Carrier, Oberth, Miranda, or Soyuz Starship.

Your mission will last until all remaining Starships have been claimed.

Why are we doing this again?

Good question.

This Starship Exchange will create a more balanced fleet economy that will pay dividends once future gameplay features and content are introduced.

We wanted to give each of you the choice between enhancing your fleet or holding on to your existing Starships.

To help you prepare for your mission, you can go back to and review the two paths the community had to right this ship or head over to our Discord and strategize with fellow owners.

See you soon, Captain.



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