The Barry Dingle Experience: An OpenSea of 💩

Welp u degens made ’em do it!

U couldnt get enough non-fungible tokens or as you hipsters call them “NFTs,” so they’re takin my peeps big time 😎

That’s right, we’re headed to prime time baby! 🤩

The majors. The big kahuna. The OpenSea. ⛵️

Well, actually only 1️⃣ of my buddies is headin’ to the open sea for auction on september 20th. And that my friends is my good pal Crypto Whale Poo 🐋

I had volunteered to be the one up for auction but the suits 👔 said something about how it’s not right to keep a whale outta its natural habitat 🌎

What am I, chopped liver? 🤔

Whatever, i dont mind it, I’m just happy my guy gets a chance to use his fins and flippers again. Who knows maybe he’ll be the next Moby Dick 🤷‍♂️

So you’re wondering wut the deets are for this once-in-a-lifetime auction, well you better keep readin!

This so-called, “OpenSea auction” is going to be easy as 1️⃣,2️⃣,3️⃣.

Being that us poops are unique in every way: soft, hard, lumpy, cool, boring — you get the gist- there’s only ONE, yes ONE Crypto Whale Poo up for grabs 🙌

This web3 marine mammal, who’s got more gold in his pockets than the late Davey Jones, will start at $222 in ETH when the auction starts at 2pm ET.

24 hrs later when the clock runs out, the highest bidder gets to keep him n be known as the official 💩-head whale of web3.

If u just so happen to be the lucky 🦆 that wins Crypto Whale Poo, you’ll also get a sweet RECUR Pass, a free NFT from my upcoming drop, and a print of your Crypto Whale Poo.

So, i hope you take part. Being a 💩-head slaps and im finally ready to bestow this honor onto others.

Because remember, whenever you’re at the beach, the ocean makes for a great 🚽

As always, smell ya l8r.

~ Barry 💩



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