The Care Bears™ are coming to OpenSea! 🧸

Which Care Bears will be in the OpenSea auction?

You’ll see five original bears plus three others that are kind of a secret. 🤫 But we promise, you won’t want to miss out on any of these Care Bears. Each of the eight bears will be completely unique and feature 1:1 animated backgrounds that you won’t find anywhere else — in the main collection or otherwise.

How does an OpenSea auction work?

OpenSea auctions are live and can be fast-paced when it comes down to the wire. To participate you’ll need a Web3 wallet (like Metamask) and enough Ethereum (ETH) loaded in your wallet to bid.

What will the auction winners receive?

OpenSea auctions can be prepared to include more than just the NFTs you bid on. And for this particular auction, we’ve planned quite the full package that winners will get as unlockable content. To be eligible for unlockable content, winners must be in compliance with RECUR’s terms and conditions.

  1. A free Care Bears Forever Care Chest from the upcoming drop
  2. A free RECUR Pass
  3. A physical canvas print of the actual auction NFT you’ve won

🌈 We’re all gonna make it! 🌈

You know what the Care Bears always say: “Caring is what counts!”



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