The RECUR Portal Pass Attributes

Houston, we have Attributes 👨‍🚀 The 6 attribute types, defined.

4 min readDec 16, 2021


To our community:

RECUR Pass NFTs celebrate individualism and collectivism by being both a generative art project, but also a part of the wider RECUR ecosystem of limited NFTs that provide lifelong utility. The 24 hour sale period is now and forever closed and we want you to remember one thing… You are part of a very limited, exclusive OG RECUR community and that RECUR is ushering in the world’s biggest fandom into Web3. Imagine what will happen when there are 100M+ collecting NFTs and you are part of this group of 64,031 (plus the 6,403 in our Treasury). They want your portal :) because every pass, is part of our Genesis launch, and regardless of rarity, gives utility.

The Attributes:

Houston, we have Attributes 👨‍🚀 To start, there are a total of 6 attribute types for each Pass. We dive into them below.

To find your attributes, either

  • Click on your profile > click on a specific pass > look for your attributes
  • Jump into Discord and type “!pass <id>” to check for your attributes

#1 Color Sets

Shades and palettes of every sort are what make RECUR Passes vibrant. There are a total of 5 possible color sets. These sets represent how your colors blend together to form your portal to the metaverse.

Color Sets

Even though Mixed appears most often, don’t be surprised if there’s a few special blends out there that catch more than a few eyes. While it’s important to understand how often Monochromes vs Dichromes vs Trichomes can be discovered, the final aesthetic and what it stirs in someone is what will really count. And every Pass is a Pass to the metaverse, Monochromes and Mixed color sets alike, they all have a lot to unlock.

#2 Properties (aka Pattern Tags)

Some Passes include Properties (aka pattern tags), you could have obtained multiple properties or none.

Properties come from the numbers on your card. Pattern Tags referencing of Poker hands require 5 digits, just as a Poker hand consists of 5 cards. Properties and their chance of occurrence are the following:


#3 Pass Number

Your Pass number corresponds to the identity of the Pass in the number of total minted or 64,031 (plus 6,403 in our Treasury for a total of 70,434). The Zero Pass was our very first NFT and a celebration of what’s to come, so the next in line would be #1 and so on. Passes were randomly distributed during the reveal, so whether you’re an early bird or a late bloomer, if you were there for the 24 hour window, you had a fair shot at every edition.

#4 Digit Sum

An easily overlooked component that also connects and sets Passes apart from one another is the digit sum and how it all adds up. You’d be surprised how many friends might have a completely different set of numbers, but you’re all adding up to lucky number 7, for example.

#223 (2 + 2 + 3) or #115 (1 + 1 + 5), so long as the sum is 7, the number looks rare.

Here’s the probability:

Digit Sum

#5 Most Occurring Color

You might’ve noticed that while they’re all colorful, each Pass has a Most Occurring Color. Why? Because color schemes and how they blend is another component of what makes each Pass unique and special. For any portal besides monochromatics, Most Occurring Color relates to what you have the most of.

Which color team are you on? Take a peek at our trusty color palette table to learn more about what you’re holding.

Most Occurring Color

#6 Longest Sequence

It’s simple… What is the longest string of the same number #3333 = 4 sequence and #34555 = 3 sequence (three 5’s).

Curious about how frequent a sequence is? We’re ready to let you know below.

Longest Sequence


There you have it! The cats out of the portal and the chances of occurrence are ready to be seen and deciphered.

The prestige of being a Pass holder is felt by everyone who participated in the 24 hour window and in time, others will have a chance to expand their collection or obtain their very first portal when the secondary market place for RECUR Passes opens soon. Just remember, you are an OG, and this is just the beginning.

— The RECUR Team




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