What’s happening next at the Splat Factory? 🏭

2 min readAug 24, 2022

The Splat Factory has much more fun in store. Let’s dive in and explore what’s to come for Nickelodeon NFT holders.

Nickelodeon NFTs are just getting started 🚀

We’ve all had some fun in The Splat Factory over the last month. From opening our TV Packs and revealing our favorite Rugrats and Hey Arnold! characters to trading them in for Slime and starting to reveal brand-new Mashups, The Splat Factory has been hard at work.

The good news? It’s not shutting down anytime soon. But before we get into which characters may be entering the factory next, we thought we should answer the top question on everyone’s mind: wen utility?

Well, today we’re excited to share the first of many utility announcements for Mashup and Nickelodeon NFT holders. 👀

Rugrats and Hey Arnold! NFT holders get priority in the next Nickelodeon NFT drop 🎉

The next Nickelodeon NFT drop will be here before we know it. Later this year, we’ll have two new shows and their characters entering The Splat Factory. But we can’t get the factory up and running without the help of our current Rugrats and Hey Arnold! NFT and Mashup holders.

So what does that mean for holders? Let’s start with Mashup and OpenSea auction holders.

Mashup and OpenSea auction holders will receive a free pack in the next Nickelodeon NFT drop! That’s right, completely free and delivered right to your RECUR account.

Next up, Rugrats and Hey Arnold! NFT holders. Certain Rugrats and Hey Arnold! NFT holders will be on the allowlist for the next Nickelodeon NFT drop. That means holders will have a greater chance to receive a code that guarantees access to purchase a pack in the next drop.

More details about the Mashup and OpenSea auction holder snapshot and Rugrats and Hey Arnold! NFT holder allowlist criteria will be announced closer to the next drop.

We can’t wait to share more of what’s in store for Nickelodeon NFT holders. Until then, you can keep collecting Slime and turning it into Mashups or buying your favorite characters on the marketplace.




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