Case Trading is Live on NFTU

2 min readMay 18, 2022


The deal is sealed: list, sell, buy and crack Cases.

Patience is a virtue, but who has the time? That’s why when RECUR says soon™️, just know we mean it.

On April 8th, we confirmed that sealed product trading would be coming to RECUR experiences soon. Today, just over 1 month later, we’re happy to release the ability for fans to list and buy sealed NFTU Cases.

Sealed Cases are ready for the NFTU secondary market.

A new dynamic is in play. Diamond hand a Season 1 Case or crack it open and own the rush — it’s your choice!

Challenges are active, NFTs are being burned, and Cases are unlocked for resale so early adopters can re-sell the rush to fellow fans or newcomers.

How can you get started? If you’ve bought or sold an NFTU NFT before, you’re in luck! You already know how to buy and sell an NFTU Case. It’s the exact same. List. Buy. Sell.

What’s in the Case? 📦

We don’t know! And neither do you. 😏

Seriously though, after the NFTs were created they were programmatically sealed into Cases tiered by rarity. After hundreds of Cases have been cracked and thousands of NFTs have been burned, no one knows what prize could be lurking inside an individual sealed Case.

If you’re feeling like doing some detective work, you can scour the circulation counts of each NFT type to see what could still be tucked away in someone’s Case.




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